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Hidden Wiltshire

from above and below, from near and far
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Hidden Wiltshire is an ongoing project to explore the county of Wiltshire, uncovering its richness and beauty and sharing this with fellow travellers.

It is all about finding the hidden places. Some of them may be known to locals, but most are not on the normal tourist trail.


We use good old fashioned writing to share information in the form of blog posts, punctuated by photography, the occasional video and a podcast.

Outside of the website we have an active social media presence, so if that is your thing, please click on the social links on the top bar to find us. 

How did it all Begin?

Hidden Wiltshire is a project first conceived of in 2016. The Autumn colours in Biss Wood were outstanding that year, and the project founder, Glyn Coy, put his drone up and discovered a wonderful multi coloured vista that wasn't visible from the ground.


He shared the image on social media and it went viral, being seen all across the world. So he had an idea to look out for more hidden gems and started this website to record them. 


We are all immensely proud to live in this ancient and beautiful county. In many ways all we capture with our photographs are moments in time. The landscape itself tells the story. 

Site Navigation

The menu bar at the top provides some clues about what you can find here. All the blog posts can be viewed on this page. Pages numbers are listed at the bottom.

The Map page shows the location of all the posts on a map of Wiltshire, which can help you find something in a particular spot. There is also a Walks page for those of us who like a good stroll from time to time. 

Search option is on the top right of this page.


A lot of time and effort goes into creating the Hidden Wiltshire content, and we all volunteer our time for free. 


The project was set up by Glyn Coy, but it has evolved into a mini community of contributors. Paul Timlett and Elaine Perkins provide a lot of the site content and help with project management. Others who have provided articles include Steve Dewey, Jon Grech, Fred Palmer, and Sara French.

Books and Online Shop


Although Hidden Wiltshire is run by volunteers there are some running costs to keep things going. So we occasionally sell Wiltshire themed items through the online shop, such as photographs and books.

We have self published two books so far, which are hardback and contain lots of photographs of Wiltshire. They can be bought through the online shop or in the real world, from Devizes Books or Wiltshire Museum. 


This website encourages people to get out there and explore Wiltshire for themselves. For the avoidance of doubt, all the walks follow established rights of way or open access land and do not involve trespassing. 


While out there exploring yourself please follow the countryside code.  Please don't stray on to private land without permission from the landowner. 

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