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2018 in Review....and looking ahead to 2019

This site was born in 2017 out of a simple idea - find hidden places in Wiltshire, ones that are not so well known and visit them, photograph them and publish everything in a blog. It is a creative outlet for my photography and videography combined with a deep love of Wiltshire and its landscapes.

In 2018, the concept of Hidden Wiltshire really grew. The social media side of things really took off on Facebook and Instagram, and we now have over 16,000 followers on the facebook page.

In January the site was featured on Wild About Wiltshire, a radio show on BBC Wiltshire which led to a regular spot, where I am on the Friday lunchtime show every few weeks. In October, Wiltshire Life magazine ran a four page articles showcasing some of the best photos. Then at the end of November, the Hidden Wiltshire book was published which brought the content to life in printed form. In November I was back on BBC Wiltshire as Hidden Wiltshire was featured on Monday nights radio show "The Social". I'm always looking to find different ways to engage with people too, so have recently started a Hidden Wiltshire podcast.

I self published the book because I wasn't sure the sales would be strong enough for a mainstream publisher, and it also enabled me to keep full creative control. But the book ended up selling really well. It has sold out of the first print run by Christmas, so have had to order another print for January. The sales of the book have enabled over £50 (so far) to be raised for Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, which is the main charity that I support and they have been very generous about allowing access to their sites, many of which are featured on Hidden Wiltshire.

Given the size of our county, there is much left to explore so I will be recruiting some extra hands in 2019 to grow the content. So if you are reading this and interested in collaborating, let me know !

I am also looking at setting up a sister site, Hidden Somerset but this is a longer term idea. In the year ahead, growing Hidden Wiltshire will continue to be the priority. Thanks for following along.


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