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Beckhampton - gateway to the Neolithic

Beckhampton isn't really hidden, because many of us drive through it regularly as it stands on the A4, a thoroughfare that has been a busy road since at least Roman times. In fact, just south of the main road you will find a clearly marked footpath that follows the very straight path of the old Roman Road, and leads directly to Morgan's Hill. To the West of the village you will find a wide open space known as the Beckhampton Gallops, and many footpaths here will lead you up to Cherhill Down and Oldbury Castle.

To the East of Beckhampton you will find Silbury Hill and West Kennet Long Barrow. If you look closely at the aerial photo you can make both of these monuments out.

Go North East and you will hit Avebury and its famous stone circle.

So Beckhampton is like a gateway to the ancient and Neolithic.

The village itself is really very small but it is dominated by the old coaching inn called the Waggon and Horses. The thatched roof and cobbled front yard make it reminiscent of something from Middle Earth, and it is a fine place to find yourself after a long walk in the ancient landscape. It serves many of the local Wadworth brewery ales, which can be consumed by the fire on a winter's day.


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