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The Book is Back !

In late 2018 I released the first Hidden Wiltshire book. To my great surprise, it sold very well and generated quite a lot of local interest. So much so, that I was pretty much out of stock.

During lockdown, I started sharing a photo of Wiltshire a day on twitter and other social media outlets and it was a great success. For many of us it made the restrictions a little more bearable, being able to see wonderful views of Wiltshire and dream about visiting them again. This generated a lot more followers of the Hidden Wiltshire project, and after a bit of market testing, made me very aware that there was enough interest out there to justify another print run.

So I have books back in stock and available now ! If you haven't got your own copy yet and would like one, simply follow this link: Hidden Wiltshire Book

I can say with complete sincerity that when this print run is sold out, there won't be any more printed so make sure you act quickly to get one. I can also reveal that work has started on a second Hidden Wiltshire book which will be released in December 2020. This one will take the reader on a different tour of Wiltshire, with some stunning scenery and articles about how to experience some of the best hidden gems we could find.

Thanks for following and reading. I'm as enthusiastic about the Wiltshire countryside as I've ever been and eager to continue exploring. Having lived in this beautiful county for 14 years it continues to surprise me, and I'm still finding new places. Hidden Wiltshire is a project that might never end !

Glyn Coy


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