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Hackpen White Horse

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

The Hackpen White Horse is a spindly, chalk figure etched into the hillside just below the Ridgeway and can be glimpsed from the A361 if you are driving between Swindon and Avebury. Not as prominent as some of the other White Horses in Wiltshire, it still stands proud on the hill it occupies overlooking fields which often have crop circles in the summer months.

It is said the the horse was cut in 1838 to commemorate the coronation of Queen Victoria. A parish clerk of Broad Hinton named Henry Eatwell is commonly credited with its creation.

The hill it stands on is traversed by a road which takes you right past the White Horse itself and you can park on Hackpen Hill above it, and approach it on foot from the summit. The hill is about 600 feet high, and hosts the Ridgeway path where you can carry on to the Sanctuary or Barbury Castle.


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