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Bluebells in Wiltshire

Bidcombe Wood - by Paul Timlett

Bluebells are a welcome sight in spring, as blue carpets of flowers can transform our woodlands and for a few days and weeks turn them into something magical. Wiltshire has some of the finest bluebell woods in the land, and as these flowers are coming into bloom right now and will be visible for the rest of April, I thought it would be good to highlight some good locations to visit.

First of all, let's start with some places already visited by Hidden Wiltshire and listed on the site:

Green Lane Wood - walk down the main ride to the south east corner of the wood and you will find a dense carpet of bluebells. Neighbouring Biss Wood has bluebells too

Clanger Wood - the Woodland Trust includes this ancient wood on it's list of the top 10 bluebell woods in England

Erlestoke Wood - when visiting this wood in May 2018 I wasn't expecting to be greeted by a wonderfully colourful carpet of bluebells in the shade

Bidcombe Wood - this wood is a real hidden gem and it is quite a trek to get there, but you will be rewarded with an unspoiled display of bluebells

Erlestoke Wood

Erlestoke Wood

There are other well known places which are worth a visit. The Rhododendron Walk at Bowood is only open when the shrubs are in flower and it is usually accompanied by a huge number of bluebells. There is a fee to enter, but it is worth it.

West Wood near Marlborough is also famous for its bluebells. My recent visit to Oysters Coppice near Cutch Common was to see the wild daffodils but I have been told by the warden that the bluebells are a fine sight to behold when they are in flower.

Hopefully this article gives you some ideas of where to visit in April to see Wiltshire's show of these most beautiful of wild flowers.


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