Wiltshire's Poppy Season

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

As we are deep into June, we will all see poppies dotted throughout the Wiltshire landscape, painting pockets of the landscape a deep red. This year I've been spending a lot of time exploring the hills above Bratton and Edington, and will often set off in the evening to roam and wander in many different directions. I sit on the bench on Picquet Hill and watch the sunset, wander across to Tinhead Hill or head down to the beautiful springs below Luccombe Bottom. This year I even discovered the infamous blood stone, where it is alleged King Alfred's men beheaded the Vikings of Guthrum in 878 AD.

But around 10 days ago, I glanced across the valley to the field above Longcombe Bottom and saw this emerging sea of red in the distance. The poppies had emerged.

The poppies in the distance above Longcombe Bottom

So on Tuesday 16th June, I drove up the hill and parked next to the field and had a closer look. At this point I will pause and just let you take in the photos of this quite beautiful sight.

The sea of colour was quite an experience as the red was so strong due to the light from the setting sun and the sheer number of poppies in the field. A friend of mine had passed through this place the day before and met a farm worker who told her the poppies were not supposed to be there in such abundance and indeed, in between the poppy flowers was a sorry looking crop of broad beans.

Poppies Galore

Poppies can be a temperamental flower. Some years you can get a crop like this and they don't come back the next year, but in all my years living in Wiltshire I've always been able to find a poppy field somewhere. Last year I struck gold in the fields around Collingbourne Wood.


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