The Hidden Wiltshire Podcast

Starting Sunday 3rd January, intrepid Wiltshire explorers and photographers Glyn Coy and Paul Timlett will be getting together every two weeks to take listeners on a tour around the Hidden parts of Wiltshire. Our goal is to try to bring to life many of the places we have found in the Hidden Wiltshire journey, so you can expect us to work through all of the locations listed on this website in due course - taking a bit more time to go in depth, diving into the photo archive and explaining what's underneath the image.

In episode one we will talk about what "Hidden Wiltshire" is, how it started, and where the concept is going - we will also take a verbal trip through the Warminster skyline, taking in the Iron Age hillforts that surround the town.

As we develop the podcast, we are planning to get guest speakers on who have special knowledge to share about Wiltshire.

The podcast will be available through all the usual podcast channels and links will be posted on this website every time a new episode is available.


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