The Hidden Wiltshire Book - Digital Version now Available

Back in 2018, I self published a Hidden Wiltshire book. It showcase some of the best images I had taken of the Wiltshire landscape at the time, including many aerial shots of Iron Age hillforts, Wiltshire woodlands and the odd curiosity.

The book sold out of both of its print runs, but I'm pleased to announce that I have managed to create a digital version which I am selling on this website for £6.99. I know it is not the same as having a physical book in your hand, but it does translate well to screen and you see all the photos in their full glory.

Here is some more information on the book itself:

The Hidden Wiltshire book itself has been lovingly curated and crafted by Glyn Coy, containing over 70 photos and 48 pages showcasing the best of the Hidden Wiltshire journey so far. New narratives have been created, which are fresh reflections on many of these sites that have already been showcased on this website.


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