Summer 2018

I'm a bit behind with site updates so I thought it would be good to post something about where I have been recently and where I am planning to go soon in Wiltshire.

Last weekend I decided to miss the England game and Sunday and head out into the hill. The sun was shining, the temperature was warm and I had an inkling that the views from the Pewsey Downs might be worth a look - I wasn't mistaken. This picture taken from the top of Milk Hill gives a flavour of what I was able to take in. It has generated some positive interest from my instagram and facebook pages.

Other recent visits which I need to catalogue are:

- Roman Road near Bishops Cannings and Beckhampton

- Alton Barnes White Horse

- Widbrook Wood

- Hackpen Hill and White Horse

- Barbury Castle

- Whitesheet Hill

- Castle Hill, Mere

I have a few more ideas about places to visit over the next few months including a couple of places that aren't open to the public (at the moment) and a Roman mosaic near Ramsbury.


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