Salisbury - the instagram meeting

If you haven't found it already, please do take a look at (and follow) my instagram page. I keep it updated in real time, and it gives you a glimpse of what is to come on the Hidden Wiltshire site.

Whilst being very active on instagram, I use the #igerswiltshire hashtag a lot and every few weeks, a community of fellow instagram users from Wiltshire meet up somewhere in the county to spend a few hours together exploring and taking photos. It is a good way of getting out from behind the screen and meeting people face to face. You don't need a ton of camera equipment, many people just turn up with a phone and all ages are represented.

Last weekend we met up in Salisbury and about 30 of us were shown some of the best sights by the Visit Wiltshire* team. We visited Salisbury Cathedral, many of the surrounding streets with fabulous architecture, Mompesson House and Salisbury museum. You will find a variety of shots from the day if you check out #igerswiltshiresalisbury

The sun shone brightly all day and it was nice to show support for this wonderful city which is very much open for business, despite recent events.

If you get a chance, keep an eye out for future meets and come along and say hi !

To find out more about igerswiltshire do visit their instagram page.

* The Visit Wiltshire team do a great job of promoting the county on their social media channels, so I highly recommend following them on instagram, facebook and twitter to get ideas of a wide range of things to do and see in Wiltshire.

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