Riding the heatwave

As of writing, we are on the last day of what has been 5 days of intense 30 plus degree heat - quite a rarity in the UK. We ventured out on Saturday and visited The Devenish, a WWT site a few miles from Salisbury. It was a steep site so heavy going in the heat but as a wooded site, the shade amongst the trees was welcome.

Part of the site consists of very steep chalk grassland, which was a good vantage point to deploy the drone but as often happens on sunny days, the intense brightness was limiting my shooting angles and I wasn't happy with the footage. I always prefer slightly grey sky where the cloud is very high but blocking out the intense light of the sun but it has been nice to have some summer weather.

I leave you with a shot of my youngest son who is 9, and enjoying being out in the countryside swinging away on the rope swing we found in the woods.

We are blessed with some amazing rural areas in Wiltshire and it is enriching to be outside and enjoying them.

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