Please forgive me, but I went to Somerset

I did a bold move on Sunday and ventured over the border into Somerset. On a site that is dedicated to Wiltshire, this feels like sacrilege but I just wanted to share these images with you.

We went to a place called Somerset Lavender.

The colours and aromas where just amazing and this place is a photographers dream.

This Peacock butterfly is a prime example, where I was able to use depth of field to focus on the butterfly and the lavender it was perched on while the rest of the foreground and background is nicely blurred out. But the colours really stand out.

My son also took the camera and took the three photos in the gallery below. I might be biased but I think they are marvellous and even at 9 years old he is showing a talent for recognising a good shot.

#somerset #lavender #butterfly #butterflies


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