Planning ahead......and naked highwaymen

I still have a list as long as my arm of sites to visit, so this little project is likely to continue for some years yet. We have had some guest contributors provide some first class content this year, and special thanks go out to Paul Timlett, John Grech, Sara French and Steve Dewey for their blog posts. If you would like to contribute do please get in touch, as widening the circle of contributors is important to me. I would like this to really develop into a community project.

While Wiltshire is well known for its neolithic sites, I've developed an avid interest in the Iron Age so I'm thinking about releasing a new book on Wiltshire's Iron Age locations. There are so many hillforts there will be no lack of material. This will probably be my project for the winter months.

One last discovery from this evening. From browsing twitter I discovered that Cherhill is not only famous for its White Horse. In the 18th Century it was home to the Cherhill Gang, the naked highwaymen. A quick google search took me to wikipedia which said:

The Cherhill Gang was a notorious group of highway men who operated in the 18th century on the London to Bath main road (A4) which passes through the village – they were noted for their robbery technique of attacking the carriages of rich Londoners while completely naked, thus shocking passengers into handing over their money and also making it harder to identify them. A painting depicting one such attack can be seen in the Black Horse pub, on the A4 main road in the village.

So a quick competition. The first person to get to the Black Horse and take a picture of the naked highwaymen painting gets a prize !


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