Flying Visits and how I Dislike them

When you are trying to capture the essence of many different sites by photograph in a relatively short space of time, it is tempting to do a flying visit - a quick in and out then on to the next one.

I see tourists doing this all the time in Wiltshire. I was once at Silbury Hill and witnessed a car load of Americans pull into the car park, walk briskly to the viewing point, take some photos then race off again. This is an ancient monument that has been here for 4,500 years. Respectfully, it deserves a bit more of your time. Stay a while, look at it from different angles. Walk through the nearby fields to take in the wider landscape. Don't just see it; feel it. Turn your visit into an experience.

Take a look at that Silbury Hill landscape on the right? To pay it a flying visit just feels......wrong.

But to get back to the real point I'm trying to make, when I'm visiting all these Hidden Wiltshire sites I don't do flying visits. I want to get a real feel for every one of these places so I can take an experience away with me. Whether it is positive or negative, I have something to remember.

Each site has a reserve leaflet published by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust so I study it before I arrive. I look at the paths and visualise a route. I think about where I can position my drone to get the best angles. Then when I get on site, I walk around it, end to end, side to side. I want to literally see every square metre. As I walk round I take photos from the ground and at the end of the visit I deploy my drone from a safe area to capture as much as I can from the air.

When I leave, I know that the place I have visited has embedded itself within me. I will always remember it, and have the photos to jog my memory. I may never return, but the place will never leave me.

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