August 2017 Update

I've not been visiting many sites in Wiltshire this month as I've been taking my summer holiday and gone further afield into the far South West, exploring North Devon and Cornwall. Being close to the coast was such a different experience from being in land locked Wiltshire but this whole South West region of the UK is beautiful from one end to the other.

I did take the opportunity to get some aerial pictures of the coast in, but I'm now glad to be home and will be spending the rest of the month clearing my backlog and documenting every site I've visited over the last few months.

I've also taken the decision to widen Hidden Wiltshire and move outside of the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust sites. They will remain the anchor sites around which I explore the county but I'm finding so many other places along the way that deserve to get on to my list.

Anyway, onwards and upwards !

#cornwall #devon #coast #southwest


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