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By Paul Timlett

If Stephen Spielberg has his way this little corner of South Wiltshire will, in a year or so's time, become very famous indeed as it will feature in his new film "1917" to be directed by Sam Mendes.

I've photographed this location many times, most recently on 29 December 2018 when I shot this image. It's around a 40 minute minute walk from where I live in Shrewton. On this particular day I spent around 6 hours walking and photographing this part of the Plain. I had seen a number of Planning Application notices from Wiltshire Council dotted around about filming in Area 8 for 35 weeks in 2019. The area in question is south of the B390 Shrewton to Chitterne road.

It was only this week when I attended the Shrewton Parish Council meeting that I discovered that this will be the location for Spielberg's film. This lone tree has stood in this little lake for more years than I can remember. It is a place of peace and solitude, even though it resembles the Somme due to the thick mud and signs of military activity. It's hidden from sight as it nestles in a little valley. It's easy to see why Mendes selected this location but I hope and pray that my tree survives, especially as it has lived for so long with its roots submerged in the lake.

Images copyright: Paul Timlett


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